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The Admiral Heights Improvement Association (AHIA) was formed in 1952 "for the general improvement of the community of Admiral Heights." AHIA owns several properties within Admiral Heights. These common properties are maintained with membership dues and generous donations. AHIA's volunteer board continues to aim to keep properties safe and well-kept for future generations to come. We also strive to host community events that are vibrant and celebratory for our community. AHIA's existence continues to rely on membership dues, donations, as well as volunteer efforts. 

Volunteer Board

AHIA is led by a volunteer Board of Directors, who are elected in March each year for a one-year term.

The current 2024 - 2025 board members are:

Executive Committee (voted and approved in April 2024)

President: Shivaugn Ahern

Vice President: Liz Uehlinger

Treasurer: Elizabeth Janney

Secretary: Jayme Brooks

Amy Skinner 

Lisa Semler

Jim Masterson

Matt Allen

Chris Sheesley

Stephen Holt

Cindy Radulovich

The volunteer board manages and oversees the following committees. If you have interest in volunteering your time, please contact

Weems Creek Committee 

Communication Committee

Social Committee

Grounds Committee 

The board currently has 1 vacant seat. If you're interested in joining our hard working community of volunteers to serve on the AHIA board, please send an email to:

Our Mission

We Need Your Support Today!

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