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Is membership in the Admiral Heights Improvement Association mandatory? No, it is not. Membership in AHIA is voluntary for residents of Admiral Heights. However, it is the dues of these proud residents that help keep our community common properties well kept and property values stable. Membership in AHIA is a great way to show your commitment to supporting the community you live in.

How much is it to join the Admiral Heights Improvement Association? Dues are currently $50 per year per household. For more information, please contact:

What days are designated for trash collection? Thursday is trash, recycling, and yard waste collection day in Admiral Heights. All items must fit in trash cans. Large bulk items require a collection appointment. To learn more about refuse and bulk collections visit the Annapolis city Public Works website or our Civics and Government Page.

How can I join the pool? The Admiral Heights pool is run separately from AHIA. For more information, please visit their website to find out more information:

Where is the Boat Club and can I dock my boat in the neighborhood? The Boat Club is located at 167 Williams Drive. Our Williams Drive property is managed by the Boat Club, complete with their own rules of operation. The boat slips at this pier are reserved for Boat Club members. All members of the AH Boat Club must be AHIA members in good standing. All other AHIA members may temporarily dock to load and unload at the Williams Drive pier and at our Dewey Dock property.

Where can I find water access in Admiral Heights? There is a community pier and boat racks at the Dewey Drive Dock. Admiral Heights residents can also enjoy the Williams Dock through the Admiral Heights Boat Club.

How can I get involved with AHIA? Thanks for your interest! Please email for more information on becoming a volunteer.

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