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Dear Neighbors:

One of the biggest issues that the Admiral Heights Improvement Association (“AHIA”) will face over the coming year is what to do about the community dock on Williams Drive. 

As background, this dock was funded and built decades ago by a small group of Admiral Heights residents, who wished to keep a boat near their homes.  Those neighbors formally organized as the Admiral Heights Boat Club (the “Boat Club”) and entered into a convenience lease with the AHIA, whereby the Boat Club enjoyed use of the dock in exchange for a small fee and for maintaining the structure.  (Other Admiral Heights residents were able to enjoy this dock for launching kayaks, watching nature along Weems Creek, and other quiet uses.)  The current lease with the Boat Club is set to expire in the coming month.

We now find ourselves with a dock at the end of its safe useful life.  Unfortunately, neither AHIA nor the Boat Club set aside funds for the eventual replacement of this dock.  As a result, a major investment will be required.  Based on initial bids, we believe that replacing the dock will cost roughly $35,000.  (Copies of bids received from Heinsohn Contracting and B&W Marine are posted on the website at  We estimate that even a decision to remove the dock would require an investment of nearly $8,000.

While the Williams Drive dock is of immediate concern, the truth is that AHIA needs a capital facility plan in general.  This will allow us to ease the impact of major expenses by saving for them over a period of time.  Sources of income for AHIA that may fund future expenses include: dues, kayak racks, and boat slips. An option we propose considering is to add 5 slips at Dewey Dock on the bridge side.  If done in conjunction with work at Williams Drive, these 5 additional slips could be added for low cost and provide a funding source for Dewey Dock’s replacement in 20 years.

We have called a Special Meeting of the AHIA membership on May 1, 2018 at 7:30 PM at Germantown Elementary School to discuss how we might proceed. 

The first question to resolve at this meeting is whether the membership supports having a dock at Williams Drive given the costs.

Assuming that the community does support maintaining a dock at Williams Drive, we will ask the membership to approve a process for receiving and evaluating proposals from the Admiral Heights Boat Club and other AHIA members to partner with AHIA on this capital project in exchange for a lease on the boat slips.  By opening this opportunity up to the entire neighborhood, we are: increasing transparency and ensuring that any lease terms are competitive. 

If you have questions about the state of the dock or these proposed steps, please feel free to contact me at  I will also do my best to keep up with questions posed through the community’s Facebook forum.


Scott Gibson

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A letter from the AHIA President, Scott Gibson, follows. Additional information is posted below.