Admiral Heights 

View from the Heineman Park beach

Policies related to this property that we expect all of our residents to honor:

  • The canoe and kayak racks are reserved for residents who have paid for use of these facilities.  All boats must be registered with the AHIA. If you wish to be placed on the Wait List, please send an e-mail to:
  • All vessels stored on racks must be seaworthy.
  • Owners of canoes, kayaks, and boats are solely responsible for their care including securing against theft and vandalism, inspections to insure seaworthiness, and to insure that sunken or otherwise damaged boats are cared for.
  • No canoes or kayaks may be left on the beach.  We ask that all vessels be stored in the racks only.
  • Temporary loading and unloading dockage only using the pier.  Please do not leave your boat unattended.
  • No overnight dockage is available at the pier.
  • Violators to the conditions of the policies shall cause the violator to be subject to the loss of boat storage privileges.  The AHIA Board of Directors reserves the right to first request the removal of the violator's boat and second, if violations continue, to remove the violator's boat at the owner's risk from the Community Property.
  • Please pack out your own trash, as trash cans are not on site.
  • Mooring on the city side of Weems Creek requires a permit, but across the creek, beyond the city-county line, mooring is allowed without a permit.  Please be sure that your mooring does not obstruct other vessels or the channel.
  • Park hours are from Dawn to Dusk.  Any use of the park after dusk may result in a trespassing citation by the Annapolis Police Department.

The Dewey Dock is located in Heineman Park off of Dewey Dr. The park features a picnic table and an easy walking path down to the dock and waterfront. The dock itself can be used for swimming, fishing, and launching kayaks/canoes. There are also numerous kayak racks available for residents at this location. If you are interested in being added to the waitlist for a rack, please email

‚ÄčThe dock and park are owned and maintained by the Admiral Heights Improvement Association. If you see a problem at the dock or park, please let ourGrounds Committeeknow as soon as you can.

Photo courtesy of Carolyn Petts