General inquiries can be sent to info@admiralheights.org

Admiral Heights 

Board Meetings

The AHIA Board usually meets on the first Tuesday of each month at Germantown Elementary school in the Media Center starting at 7:30 P.M.  All members are welcome to attend, but voting is restricted to board members only.  The General Membership Meeting is held in March, with traditionally another held in October.


(Chairs listed next to committee name)

Communications Committee - Martha Thorn

Grounds Committee - Grant Garcia

Moms Club - momsclub@admiralheights.org

The Mast - Jim Burdick, Mario Schiappacasse

​Neighborhood Watch - Martha Thorn

​Traffic Calming/Public Safety - Norman Crews

Webmaster - John Leupold

​Weems Creek Matters - Ed Cherneski

Admiral Heights Improvement Association

Board of Directors

​(Click name to email)

​President - Jim Burdick

Vice President - Mario Schiappacasse

Treasurer - Maria LeBow-Little

Secretary -Martha Thorn

Rachael Breen

Ed Cherneski

Norman Crews

Steve Fisher

Grant Garcia

Scott Gibson

John Leupold

Brandon Wright